Innovation & Design

When a new product idea is initiated, wide ranging consultation leads to the creation of a detailed product brief that outlines a clear set of objectives. The next stage is to develop and evaluate a series of concept sketches before taking the most successful ideas through to the prototype stage. Designs are developed using CAD and prototypes are created in our development workshops. At various stages, prototypes are tested internally for strength and stability and externally for fitness for purpose and other considerations. This process continues until we have a model that meets all the objectives of the development brief. The model is now brought into production. This involves another series of tests and verification procedures to ensure that we now have an exceptional quality Jenx product ready to launch.


All Jenx products are manufactured in Sheffield, England, Jenx are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing and distribution standard and the ISO 13485:2016 Medical device standard.

Initial ideas for new products come from working closely with parents, therapists and children themselves.

The Jenx Process:

A detailed product brief is produced but only after wide ranging consultation and research

  1. Preliminary sketches are made and evaluated, with the best concepts developed to the next stage
  2. The first prototype is produced, tested and evaluated at our test centres
  3. The design is refined and developed and further prototypes made until the product meets the exacting requirements of the brief and our team
  4. Final testing. Special moulds and tools are created and the manufacturing process tested, resulting in final product testing – and once approved, production begins
  5. Product launch!

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Jenx has a worldwide network of distributors providing the highest quality of service no matter where you are.

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