Monkey Stander Testimonial - A Child's Story


Child’s Name: Child A

Child’s Condition: Hydrocephalus, prematurity resulting in prolonged hospital stay from birth

Product: Jenx Corner Seat

Therapist: R Parslow (Physiotherapist)

Background: Child A was born prematurely with complex needs resulting in a prolonged 18 month stay in hospital.  Once home child A was on home O2, PEG fed and presenting developmental delay.  He has moderate head control, some trunk activity, but no independent sitting balance.

Description of Product Trialled: Child A has been using a Jenx Monkey Stander for one month.

General and Emotional Benefits:  Child A is able to practice weight bearing and ensure better hip development and bone density.  Plus the change of position gives Child A greater access to the world and interaction on that level.  As Child A is very small even though nearly 2 years old, sandal raising blocks were needed to ensure the appropriate level of support and a good stand are achieved.  The stander has also meant reduced physical support required to be provided by Mum, allowing her to play with Child A on better level, making both mum and Child A much happier.

Conclusion: A smaller size would have been perfect, but overall very happy with the Monkey stander and found it easy to use and adjust.