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Comfortable, Adjustable Lying Surface
Comfortable, Adjustable Back Support
Wide Safety Straps

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Advanced Side Lying Board

Side lying boards offer supported comfort to children whilst resting or during play activities.  Side lying is a great position in which to recharge and also for joining in with classroom activities.


Size 2: 9 months – 4 years

Size 3: 3 years – 9 years

Size 4: 8 year – 18 years


Advanced Side Lying Board

The Jenx advanced side lying board is extremely comfortable for users.  Both the lying and the back support surfaces can be adjusted to prevent the user rolling forward.  The optional support pack provides further head and leg support if needed.

The larger sizes of the side lying board come complete with a mobile plinth to raise the lying surface to waist height.  This provides greater ease of hoisting, less manual handling for carers and also that users can interact with peers more easily.

Jenx advanced side lying boards offer great support for users who have poor postural control, low muscle tone or have a tendency to curve to the side.  In side lying the back is fully supported preventing the spine from curving.  The generous and comfortable upholstery means that users can be safely and comfortably supported during rest as well as activities.  Sturdy, adjustable straps come as standard.

The Side Lying Board has a sturdy wooden base. Each size has a maximum user weight – please see the Technical Specification under Documents and Letters for the max user weight.  Please note that the Side Lying Board is not meant to be used as a sitting bench for multiple people.


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