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Atom, a modular seating system for users 6 months – 5 years.

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Product Features & Benefits

Head Positioning
Trunk Positioning
Leg Positioning
Foot Positioning
Height Adjustment
Tool Free Adjustments

Clinical Data & Downloads

Modern, child centred styling combined with a comprehensive range of support options make Atom the ideal seating system to give children with additional postural needs the right amount of support to develop correct seating posture and function.

Wipe clean covers as standard mean any messy play or other soiling can be easily cleaned; antimicrobial agents in the covers give additional peace of mind when Atom is placed in a multi-user environment.

Recognising that children grow and develop at the quickest rate in their infant years, all support structures are easily adjusted, added or removed. This ensures each child is getting the correct support at any given time and can accommodate changes in their postural needs caused by periods of growth.

Age Range: 6 months – 5 years.

User Weight: max 25kg

For full product measurements, please read the Atom Technical Specification.


The Atom is suitable for users approximately 6 months – 5 years with a maximum user weight of 25kg.

The Atom seat unit is available in either grey or white, with an option of blue, pink, green, red or yellow vinyl.

Wipe clean covers as standard mean any messy-play or other soiling can be easily cleaned. Antimicrobial agents in the fabric provide additional peace of mind when using the Atom in a multi-user environment.

Introducing corrected positioning at infant age can:

• Reduce the risk of significant postural deformity in early years
• Aid the rapidly developing infant body in achieving a more symmetrical and intact muscular skeletal system.
• Aid the promotion of good sitting posture.
• Appropriately position the pelvis to maximise body stability, which is the foundation for solid trunk symmetry, head control, swallowing and hand function.



  • Multigrip Headrest
  • Contoured Head Rest
  • Upper Back Pad
  • Contoured Back Pad
  • Lumbar Pad
  • Back Pad Infill
  • Shoulder Protractors
  • High-Rise Thoracic Support Pads
  • High-Rise Flexible Thoracic Support Pads
  • Adjustable Flip-away Hip Guides
  • 4 Point Lap Strap
  • 3 Point Lap Strap
  • Waistcoat Harness
  • Leg Positioning Pads
  • Long-leg Sitting Board
  • Abduction Block
  • Armrests
  • Armrest Covers
  • Nursery Tray
  • Nursery Tray Infill
  • Nursery Tray Full Padding
  • Nursery Tray Half Padding
  • Nursery Tray Elbow Blocks
  • Activity Frame
  • Grab Bar
  • Angle Adjustable Flip-away Footplate
  • Fixed Angle Simple Footplate
  • Footplate Pad
  • Sandals
  • Ankle Snugs
  • Booties
  • Sandal Raising Blocks
  • Y Base
  • Wooden High Base
  • Wooden Low Base