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Wedges, Rolls and Mats

A range of soft, colourful and comfortable supports in various shapes and sizes, which can be used to create play opportunities and for specific therapy treatments.


Wedges: come in 5 standard sizes

Size 1:

  • Length:measurement ‘a‘ 600mm
  • Height:measurement ‘b‘ 190mm
  • Width:measurement ‘c’ 600mm
  • Depth:measurement ‘d‘ 20mm

Size 2:

  • Length:measurement ‘a‘ 500mm
  • Height:measurement ‘b‘ 150mm
  • Width:measurement ‘c’ 500mm
  • Depth:measurement ‘d‘ 20mm

Size 3:

  • Length:measurement ‘a‘ 1200mm
  • Height:measurement ‘b‘ 350mm
  • Width:measurement ‘c’ 600mm
  • Depth:measurement ‘d‘ 20mm

Size 4:

  • Length:measurement ‘a‘ 920mm
  • Height:measurement ‘b‘ 300mm
  • Width:measurement ‘c’ 600mm
  • Depth:measurement ‘d‘ 20mm

Size 5:

  • Length:measurement ‘a‘ 600mm
  • Height:measurement ‘b‘ 210mm
  • Width:measurement ‘c’ 600mm
  • Depth:measurement ‘d‘ 50mm



Rolls: Come in 3 standard sizes

Size 1: (l) 600mm x (d) 300mm

Size 2: (l) 900mm x (d) 300mm

Size 3 :(l) 1200mm x (d) 300mm

Size 4: (l) 900mm x (d) 350mm


Size: Custom made to your specification

Wedges, Rolls and Mats

Wedges: Can be used for prone and also supine lying and have accessories to enhance postural control and stability.

Rolls: These can be used to support both legs at the knees.  This helps to increase the stability of the child and helps to prevent legs rolling to the side or the child “windsweeping”.  T-rolls are particularly effective in reducing windsweep in lying.

Rolls are also a great aid when practising sitting balance and also sit to stand.  They help the child to maintain a neutral or abducted hip position so the child can improve the standing position achieved.

Mats: These are custom made to the size and shape your child needs.  Just fill out the form found under Documents and Letters and fax or email it to your local distributor for a quotation.


No, custom Mats are non-refundable so please take extra care when measuring.


  • Side Walls for Wedge
  • Standard Strap for Wedge
  • Abduction Blocks for Wedge