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Product Features & Benefits

Prone Standing Angle Adjustment
Flexible Growth
Comfortable Upholstery
Benefits of PU Support Pads
Hip Positioning
Quick, Simple and Easy to Use

Clinical Data & Downloads


Monkey – Prone Standing System

A simple and highly adjustable standing system, that provides Prone to Upright positioning for children from 9 months to 4 years old. The Monkey has polyurethane support surfaces impregnated with antimicrobial agent and matching bright and friendly colours for the support pads.


Age Range (approx): 9 months-4 years

Chest height: 510-750mm

Max user weight: 25kg


Monkey – Prone Standing System

Specifically designed for younger children, the Monkey by Jenx is a gentle introduction to standing.   Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees all the way down to 20 degrees prone.  This wide angle range is the perfect way to gradually build tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme.  In addition the outstanding thoracic and pelvic support along with flexible  leg positioning make the Monkey a great option for almost every child.


  • De-rotational Thoracic and Pelvic Straps, with Lateral Support Pads
    • Straps fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side, enabling a mid-line position to be achieved and maintained.  Buckles and velcro mean that, once adjusted correctly, the straps can be fixed making it difficult to tamper with
  • Symmetrical Adjusting Hip Straps
    • Fastened in the centre and then adjusted from either side, which keep a child’s hips in mid line.  this is the key feature that keeps the child close to the standing support
  • Removable Abduction Block
    • Provided as standard to help create and support an abducted standing posture
  • Integral Angle Adjustable Tray
    • Provided as standard, with both bowl and smooth tray infill for a wide variety of different activities


Prone standing supports the front of the body and leans the user forward, it is very important as it improves bone density and prolongs stretch for tight muscles at hips, knees and ankles. It improves pulmonary and digestive function and enables eye-level social interaction with peers, parents, carers, everyone, this also creates access to more activities, opportunities and experience and supports self confidence and cognitive growth.

The Monkey can be used from 9 months.

Please refer to our instructional video to view how to adjust the Monkey.

Case Study

How the Monkey Stander helped with trunk development

'Monkey Stander allows a child to practice weight bearing and ensure better hip development and bone density.'

Download Case Study


  • Monkey Prone Standing frame
  • Activity Frame
  • Grab Bar
  • Sandals
  • Sandal Raising Blocks