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Nursery Table

The Nursery Table is available in three sizes to suit children from 9 months to 6 years old.  It’s a sturdy table with a large, clear surface area that is big enough for a child to play or work at most activities with ease.  The table (and it’s surface) are ideal for drawing and writing activities.


Size 0: Table height 190mm-280mm

Size 1: 245mm – 345mm

Size 2: 245mm-400mm

Nursery Table

This sturdy table, with a large, plastic play/activity surface can be used flat, angled or as an easel.  The frame is adjustable for height and works extremely effectively with the Corner Seat by Jenx.  A short strap on each side of the table attaches the the two items together and prevents the table from being pushed off or tipped over.

The plastic surface is easy to wipe clean and is cut out to one side to allow the child to get really close to their activities.  The bright contrasting table edging assists children in identifying their area of work, plus it prevents items from being easily knocked off the table and is a great place for toys to be secured to. In addition the space beneath the edging allows for dirt to be brushed through for cleaning.

Overall the Nursery Table by Jenx is cheerful, sturdy, bright and adaptable – a great and versatile item for all sorts of activities.


Yes, the Nursery Table can be easily adjusted for height by undoing the wing knobs on the side and sliding the table up to the required height.

There are touch and close straps on the side of the Nursery Table that affix to the velcro on the back of the  Corner Seat.

The Nursery Table can be used across the entire range of Corner Seats.  As a guide we recommend that size 0 Nursery Table is used with size 1 Corner Seat, and size 1 Nursery Table is used with size 2 Corner Seat and size 2 Nursery Table with size 3 Corner Seat.

No, it is only the Corner Seat that it is compatible with.