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Penguin – Upright Standing System

A flexible and adjustable standing system, providing assisted upright positioning for younger children with moderate ability.


Age Range (approx.): 18 months- 4 years

Max User Weight: 25kg


Penguin – Upright Standing System

Assisted upright standing is a way for children with moderate ability to experience standing and to improve muscle strength. Penguin has the capacity to adjust in the correct way to offer younger children true upright standing, like the Kangaroo it has adjustment in three planes to ensure that the support it gives encourages an efficient standing position.

Penguin has been designed to offer excellent support for children in upright standing, and the range of support and adjustment options available creates a product that is suitable for children aged between 18 months and 4 years.


  • Adjustable Height
    • The height adjustment on Penguin means that each child is fully supported as they grow throughout the recommended age range
  • Adjustable Width Hip and Chest Side Supports
    • These supports are used to give extra side support to keep your child in midline and symmetrical. They can be adjusted for width to cater for larger or smaller children, and can be angled to give a really close fit
  • Adjustable Hip Support
    • The hip support can be adjusted for height and angle, and also forwards and backwards, perfect for adjusting to each particular child and also for children with feeding pegs.
  • Multi-Adjustable Knee Supports
    • The knee support can be adjusted for height, angle and position, forwards or backwards. The individual knee cups can be adjusted horizontally to achieve the ideal position for your child

Upright standers are suitable for children who require minimal support and use a standing frame for therapeutic positioning.  They are more suited to children who’s needs are unlikely to change greatly over the course of product growth.  If this is unknown or can’t be guaranteed, then a Monkey Prone Stander or Multistander may be more suitable.


  • Penguin Standing Frame
  • Grab Bar
  • Activity Frame
  • Sandals
  • Sandal Raising Blocks