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Supine Stander 3 – Standing System

A robust, yet comfortable and easy-to-use standing system, providingunrivalled support and safety for the user standing in a supine position from infant through to adult, up to 100kg.

The frame and its features also provide easy angle adjustments (from horizontal to upright), durable quality, outstanding postural control and the exceptional pelvic stability that is essential for providing supported standing.

Supine 3 boards are available in 5 colours, blue, pink, green, red and grey.



Supine Stander – Standing System

Standing is a dynamic process requiring tiny movements of many joints alongside control of the limbs. The Jenx range of supine standers are designed to support standing by enabling the joints to be supported but mobile – this trains balance and encourages development.  The range of accessories available plus the ability to adjust the angle from fully horizontal through to upright mean that the Supine Standers provide oustanding postural support and pelvic stability.  In addition as each frame can be fully reclined to the horizontal position and all supports removed, this minimises transfer time and manual handling risks to the user and carer.


  • PU Support Pads
    • Flexible, easy to clean and impervious to fluids, PU boards and support pads ensure the  Supine Stander can be kept clean and hygienic for infection control
    • New bright colours in Pink, Red, Blue, Lime or Neutral mean that boards can be matched with different coloured PU accessories
  • De-rotational Thoracic and Pelvic Straps with Lateral Support Pads
    • Straps fasten in the centre and adjust independently from either side, enabling a mid-line position to be achieved and maintained
    • Buckles and velcro mean that once adjusted correctly the straps can be fixed ensuring they are safe and secure
    • Support pads available in small, medium, large, XL and slimline options
  • Knee Flexion Pads
    • Knee support pads complete with de-rotational straps and adjustable padding to accommodate fixed knee flexion in standing
  • Smooth and Simple Adjustment
    • Angle can be adjusted with the child in the standing frame
    • Easily set up using the angle gauge on the frame
    • Frame can be tilted to be completely horizontal
    • Power assisted option or manual option on Size 2

If you know that the user’s needs aren’t going to change, and where a solid board of support is required, then a Supine Standing Frame provides the optimum level of postural support.

The main boards on the Supine Standing frame come in green, blue, pink, red or grey.  However not all colours may be available in all regions.


  • Multigrip™ Headrests
  • Head Pad Cushion with Side Supports
  • Moulded Head Support
  • Support Pads with Straps
  • Flexible Support Pads with Straps
  • Knee Supports
  • Flexion Knee Supports
  • Tray
  • Tray with Bowl and Reduced Cutout Infill
  • Elbow Blocks
  • PU Spacer Block
  • Arched Foam Pad
  • Abduction Block
  • Sandals
  • Sandal Raising Blocks
  • Ankle Snugs