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Therapy Bench 

The newly updated Therapy Bench is available in two different sizes with a half and full length option in each size, to suit children of all ages up to a max load weight of 85kg.


Size 1: Available in full and half length sizes, with a max load weight of 85kg

Size 2:  Available in full and half length sizes, with a max load weight of 85kg

The Therapy Bench offers an ideal platform for a variety of different activities such as sitting and balance therapy, dynamic sitting balance and sitting posture improvement, the possibility for therapists to sit with a child on the bench to offer extra support if required. Balance and stretching when using the flat top cushion, core strengthening and stretches when using half round cushion on or off the bench, ease of movement of the product due to the design, height adjustments which are simple and easy to achieve and simple to use, Knee Blocks used to control legs and create adduction or abduction, support accessory pack providing pelvic support for a stable seating position.

Both sizes are height adjustable with secure locking legs.There are also three interchangeable flat cushion depths, or the option of a half round cushion, which make it an extremely versatile piece of kit to use with a variety of children in one environment. The cushions are attached by hook and loop fastenings and all upholstered in easy clean, water repellent, fire retardant vinyl which contains an antimicrobial agent to help with infection control in a multi-user environment.

Therapy Bench age range is from 1-10 years.


  • Support Pack
  • Knee Blocks
  • Abduction Block