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Ziggy provides a uniquely versatile positioning experience for children and adults of all ages, whether their needs are simple or more complex.


Size 1: (l) 1200mm x (h) 100mm x (w) 100mm

Size 2: (l) 1200mm x (h) 150mm x (w) 150mm


Ziggy is a therapy product that can be used for play, support, therapy, rest or even imaginative play.  It’s incredible versatility and flexibility mean it can aid a wide variety of therapy uses.

Key Benefits:

  • To promote activity such as crawling
  • To promote balance when used for sitting either astride or to one side
  • To support a specific posture by placing Ziggy behind or in front of a user to help maintain an overall body posture (whether lying or sitting)
  • To support a younger child in a corner seat position (by bending Ziggy round into a “U” shape and placing on the floor
  • To support a child in a prone position with shoulders raised (in the absence of a wedge), by placing the child in position over Ziggy and bending the product around their hips to keep them in midline
  • To provide elbow/arm rest support for older users when reading/knitting etc, by placing Ziggy around the waist as a soft and comfortable and supportive arm rest

Ziggy comes in two lengths and is square in its cross section.  It can be bent at numerous points to create many different shapes.  It’s size and flexibility mean it can also be easily transported so can be used at school, home or anywhere in between!

The covers for Ziggy come in white only.  The material is towelling and they are machine washable and can be tumble dried.  If a user wants different colours, they can easily be dyed using a suitable commercial fabric dye.

No, the covers for Ziggy are sold separately.

Ziggy is covered in green, waterproof antibacterial fabric.  It can be wiped down or sprayed with antibacterial spray and cleaned with a damp cloth.  The material repels fluids so it will remain hygienic.