Sleeping by Jenx

The Importance of Resting Posture

With our Jenx sleeping system, we allow a child to experience a better quality rest by reducing the unwanted action of postural reflexes and asymmetrical muscle tone. Each lying posture or attitude - whether that is on their front in prone position, their back in supine position or on their side - will affect a child's level of relaxation and potential for movement. We know that having a supported posture throughout the night is integral to a child with postural needs as, not only does it continue the benefits of the fantastic support they get throughout the day with our other range of products but, without this support during sleep children can actually reverse the good that has been achieved in the day. Jenx products are designed to enhance the lives of children by supporting postures that enable function now, whilst preventing or delaying loss of functional movement in the future and this is just as important during the night. We are committed to helping children fulfil their whole potential as they grow into adults.

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