Bee Testimonial - Jac's Story


Child’s Name: Jac

Child’s Condition: Cerebral Palsy

Product: Jenx Bee Seating system

Background: Jac is two years old; he was born prematurely at twenty eight weeks and diagnosed with Grade Four Intraventricular Haemorrhage; which is a bleeding into the ventricular system of the brain and causes ventricles to be enlarged because of the accumulated blood.  At four months old he was referred to a physiotherapist, with abnormal tone.  He then presented with increased tone in all four limbs, more so on the left side than the right, with poor trunk control and asymmetrical posture of the head, tilted to the right. At eighteen months he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and began attending weekly physiotherapy sessions at the Child Development Centre.  Mum reported difficulty with feeding when starting to wean, due to his poor posture in a standard high chair; he would just repeatedly fall to the right side.  At twenty months old Jac began to sit independently, but without support at the pelvis he remained asymmetrical, leaning to the right.

Description of Assessment and General Health Benefits: Jac was assessed in the Bee Seating System for use at home, with a lap belt, hip guides, thoracic supports, head rest and neoprene booties. The trunk support given by the chair enables Jac to maintain his head in midline and decreased the extensor pattern that he displayed when placed in the seating position. He was able to bring both of his arms forwards to play when previously he tended to retract the right arm.

Emotional Benefits: Jac became a much happier boy during mealtimes and started to tolerate longer times sitting in his chair as it was clear that he felt a lot more supported and comfortable.  Jac had a position that he was comfortable in which meant that he could play with his toys happily. Before this was difficult for him as he was on the floor and was unable to sit independently, it was also difficult for him in his standing frame as he found playing in supine difficult because he would push back into extension and was then unable to bring his hands into midline.  There have been massive practical and family life benefits too; mum has reported that she was able to use both of her hands when feeding Jac, rather than using one hand to prop him up and then struggling with her free hand to feed him.  Jac was able to join in with mealtimes at the breakfast bar with his parents, which is a brilliant development in the level of interaction and inclusion he gets, he is also now able to play in a supported and safe position, mostly independently.

Conclusion: The Bee Seating System has provided a supportive chair for Jac that has enabled him to play and feed in midline. It has met the family’s needs due to its height adjustment and ease of use. As Jac has progressed, the thoracic supports have been removed as he no longer needs them, and only uses the hip guides and lap belt for support, which is a very important development for his posture. All in all the Seating System has helped to make Jac a much happier, relaxed child when seated.